Well didn’t get into much today. Had a new dude come by to get some head today. He was a tall skinny dude with a nice long dick. But it was long and slim. I like long and thick. But for head long and slim can be real good cause it can slide right down your throat. Unfortunately he didn’t get to see what that was like this time. He was trying to be to damn aggressive. Trying to fuck my throat all rough and shit. I ain’t with that shit. I like to be in control. If i’m relaxed the dick will go further down my throat. He still enjoyed the head once he let me take control. So I might have a new repeat customer. But anyway so this afternoon I went to see an old friend at work on his lunch break. He asked me to bring him some lunch so I took my pussy. LOL We took a little ride and parked beside somebody house. I laid the chair back and he ate the hell out of my pussy until I came in his mouth a few times. So I can say today was an ok day. LOL

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