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Well it has been pretty much a boring ass week for me. I aint really got into shit. So tonight I got on to see if I could find anybody to get up with. Anyway this dude from Philly hit me up talkin bout lets get up or whateva. So he came to see me. We was gone go get a room but once I saw him I new wont no need. So I was just like what u tryin to do I was like I told u I was tryin to fuck. He was like what ur name is on there I was like Headgiva he was like I want that. I said shit me too. Anyway he was like where we gone go. I was like u can just pull over here and park. We aint gotta leave the parkin lot. So parked da car we got in da back seat. He pulled his dick out and I wanted to laugh but I didn’t. He had a lil ass dick I was like I knew it. And to make it even worse he one of those lil dick niggaz where he got some big nutz. Sad. It sad when ur lil thing just sittin on top of ur nutz. Anyway I went on and gave da man some head since he did drive 30 minutes to see a bitch. Anyway dat shit aint last long though. Gave em head for a minute or two then he wanted to fuck. Im thinkin what would be the point. He the type dude I be like just stick it in my azz cause he aint gone do shit for my pussy. He was like im a stick it in ur azz I was like whateva. I think he was scared though cause he aint stick it in there he stuck it in da pussy. Dat shit aint last long though he got a few strokes and was done. I was like damn shame. Anyway so he sittin there I put my pants back on and shit. So he just sittin there he was like u do this often I was like what fuck. I said yea. He was like naw people from off da site. I said a few people he was like oh ok. He was like well what we do now. I was like we say bye. I got out da car. He was like damn u wild. I was like whateva we fucked so now we done. I’ll holla. And took my ass in da house.

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