Well im still bored and horny as hell. Still going through these damn cd’s. I aint know I had so many damn vidz. But anyway. Im really bored and horny as fuck right now. Need some good dick in my life right now. Havent really had a good fuck lately. I mean the kind that putz u to sleep afterwardz or makes me say well got damn. Let me rest up and lets do dat shit again. Naw I don’t think that’s what I want a want an orgy a bunch of dudes all over me. lol hell I don’t know let’s just say I wanna fuck till I can’t fuck no more. Anyway well this clip I was just lookin at is from when I was in Charlotte still. Was chillin with my home girl and a couple of our boys. Drinkin and shit. Then gettin are freak on kinda. Wont really nothing special. I aint even get a nut. But u will see. This vid will show u that everybody can’t fuck with people watchin em. So check it out and let me know ur thoughts. Im bout to go lay my drunk ass down.
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