Bored In Apex

Well itz been a lil minute since ive wrote. So I thought I would caught yall up a lil on some things. Im currently located in Apex NC and itz boring ass hell and if u have been reading my blogs then u would know that when I get bored like this I end up doing a lot of people or some stupid shit. But anyway. Lately Ive been on this site called fling. com. Now so far I have met like maybe 5 people off of this site. Most have been good experiences so far. Like one guy I met the other weekend came to the hotel to see me we chilled and talked for a lil while. We were sittin there talking and the next thing I know Im layin on the bed and he is eatin da hell out of my pussy. I was like damn datz what im talking bout. Anyway we ended up fuckin for a few hours after that. He fucked da hell out of me just how I like it nice and ruff. He beat da hell out of my pussy in many wayz. So he will be around for a while. (hopefully) Anyway I got up with another guy the other night also. He was aight. I mean da sex was aight. He had a nice size dick he fucked me how I like it also nice and ruff. He just got on my nerves when he kept askin to put his dick in my azz. I told the fool I wont drunk enough for dat shit. His dick was too big for me to take sober. He wont gone have me in the screamin. But anyway now on to tonights men. Well the first guy I got up with was pretty cool. He was an older guy so he figured he had to take me out and shit before he could get some ass. Which is cool I guess but I don’t need all that most da time. Anyway he came and got me and we went to the lil bar and had a few drinkz and was talking and shit. He was like how long do u have to be around a guy before u fuck em. I was like 30 minutes. Even though I was lyin bout dat hell I would say less than 5 minutes. Cause when I see u I can tell by lookin at u wether or not im a give u some ass. But anyway he was just tryin to see if I was feelin him or not he was a lil nerves . I don’t know y though cause hell before we even got up he was like what u like to do. I was like hell drink, smoke, & fuck datz bout it I don’t talk much. Guess he thought I was playin. Well after we left da bar we headed back to da crib. He was like we would have went to his house but his fam Is there from out of town. Now normally I would take dat ass a like. Thinkin dude for a girl or something but being as though itz X-Mas time Im a take his word for dat shit. But anyway while we were riding to da house he asked to see me tittes. So I pulled em out and let him feel em and shit. Hell I started suckin on my nipples while he was drivin to fuck with em. Anyway when we got to da crib we sat and talked for a minute. Then he started suckin on my tittes and feelin on my pussy and then that was it. He left. He was like he aint wanna start to much. Im like whateva. Hit me later or whateva. He was scared. He just don’t know I would have fucked him right there. Lol Damn shame aint. Anyway well itz like damn near 6am now and im just getting back in da house from fuckin with this second dude dat came to see me. This dude really wont no better. I mean he looked good an all but his fuck game wont worth shit. Plus he had a lil dick. And to make it even worse he didn’t even eat my pussy right. So I was a lil upset. He came to see me we rode round for a minute. He was tryin to find a spot to park and fuck. I was like hell for real dude we could have stayed in the parkin lot of the apartments im stayin in. I was like u wastin gas. I was like hell I’ll fuck damn near anywhere. But any way. So we ended up back in the parking lot in da back seat of the explorer. He started off by tryin kiss on my neck and putting his tounge in my ear. I wont feelin dat shit. Then he started to eat my pussy. Day shit wont no better. I was layin there tryin not to laugh. Then the next thing I know he sliding his dick in me tryin to fuck my pussy hard and shit but he sucked. I was getting mad cause he kept makinme hit my head on the door. I wouldn’t have mind if the dick was good but it wont. Anyway next thing I know he tryin to stick his dick in my ass. Im like did I say I took it in the ass. He was like naw but u a freak so I know u do. Im like anyway. I do take it in the ass but hell at least ask can u go in there first damn. Anyway so he stuck his dick in my azz and started to fuck me dat shit really wont no better but made my pussy even wetter anyway to make a long story short he fucked me in my azz till he came. Then I got out the car and was getting my jacket he was like u wanna sit back in the car. I was like for what we fucked so now we done. Shit I shut da door and headed into da house. So as u can see that wasn’t too good of a night. Had two dudes around and aint get no nut damn shame. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

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