Well spent my friday night hangin out on da corner with da niggaz as usual. Drinkin all da free beerz day kept buyin me and smokin der treez. Hell u know I don’t turn down free beer or treez. LOL Anyway I was sittin outside on the wall smokin with did dude and his boy. We was talkin and shit dude was like u know ive been tryin to holla at u and shit. I was like u just tryin to fuck cause these niggaz be up here talkin bout me. He was like yea dey say u got some good pussy and u give dat good head. I was like well I can’t help u with da pussy right now (pmsing) but shit I can give u some head. So we walked around da street to dis empty house and I sat on da front porch and he stood in front of me and pulled his dick out I was like well damn I should have been fuckin with u. He is up there in size with one of my toys which is like 11 or 12 in. But anyway lost focus. Im like damn too bad im pmsing bout once im off u da first one im coming to see. LOL Anyway so I gave dat nigga head until he came. Then we went back to chill on da corner. So Im standin out there chillin talkin 2 dis lady when this other nigga walkz by I don’t remember his name but ive seen him walk past da house a few tymes but aint really say shit cause he really wasnt to pleasin on da eyez. LOL But I was drunk and bored so I went on and talked to da nigga. So we talkin and shit He wanna tell me his lyfe story and shit. I guess he thought I wanted to holla. Shit I was just passin da tyme. But anyway so he was like u want another beer. I was like yea so we went to da store to get da beer and while we were in there I ran into dis dude I met last weekend so I talked shit to him for a minute and got him to buy me a beer 2. So before I left da store I had 3 free beerz so I was good for a minute. So me and dude went back to da park to chill. He tried to start kissin on me and shit right. I was like I aint into da kissin. LOL He was like u should let me get some pussy or some shit like dat. I was like im pmsing but I can give u some head. He was like I told u im really not into head like dat. I was kinda glad cause he was ugly as hell and I was scared my drunk ass would have said something. But he was like dat y dey make condoms. Im like whateva im horny anyway. So I bent over da bench and let him hit it from da back. Then I took my drunk ass 2 da house washed up and went to sleep.

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