Well itz been a minute since I gave yall a new blog. Aint really been nothing special 2 write about. Just been doing the usual chillin out on da block gettin fucked up and fuckin. Doing some outside fuckin in the treez and shit. LOL Oh yea I did fuck one dude on his front porch though. We was chillin on da porch and he was sittin in da chair and I had on a skirt so I turned around and lifted my skirt and sat on his dick and started to ride dat shit. It was late night wont too many carz ridin by. Doubt my drunk as would have cared though. Oh yea dis fool is my nigga though he down for fuckin anywhere though. We was standin on the corner by the store and he gone bend down and lick my pussy I was like well damn. Then he got behind me and slide his dick in while we was on da corner also. I was like u betta stop 4 someone pull up offerin me some money and I leave ur ass. And damn if dat shit aint happen. He went into da store and dis dude pulled up and was like whatz up. So I got in da car shit I aint turnin down no damn money. LOL Well datz all for now hope to bring u some more stories from Da Corner soon though.

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