Well havent really been gettin into to much lately. Been kinda bored as hell. But anyway the other night when I went to the store to get me a beer dis dude walked up to me talkin bout u need a bodyguard. I said fuck naw im good. He was like well im a walk with u anyway don’t want nothing to happen to u. I was like man I come up this way everynight im good. But anyway so he walked with me to the store tryin to ask me 50 million questions which I wasnt tryin to hear nor answer. So I went in the store and got me a beer and shit went on and brough this fool one too. So we walkin down the street he like let’s go sit in the park. Im like man im going to the crib cause im bout to smoke. He was like just sit with me and drink ur beer. I was like aight whateva I can do dat cause I aint have shit to do anyway. So we sittin there talkin and shit and im like man im bout to go to the crib and get my blunt. So he walked me to the crib so I could get my blunt. Then we walked down the street to the lil baseball field to sit and smoke. So we smokin and shit talkin and whateva next thing I know im layin on the bench with my pants down and this nigga eatin my pussy. Im like well damn I aint gone stop em. So he at my pussy for a minute. Then I got up and bent over on the bench and he started fuckin me from da back. Well dat shit aint last too long next thing I know he nuttin on my ass. So we sat down smoked a cigarette and then went at it again. So im on the bench on my knees and this fool hittin me from the back he gone pull his dick out and try to stick it in my. I was like I aint say u could get in my ass. So he went back in the pussy and finished fuckin me till he got his nut. Well that ended my time at the dugout. Dick wasnt worth shit but it was fun fuckin in the dougout had been wanting to do dat shit for a few weeks now. Im a have to do it again and make sure I have me cam with me.

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