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Well was walkin down da street today and this dude drove by lookin at me so I waved. So he turned around and pulled up beside me. He gone ask me where Im ging and my name and shit. So Im like ok and u stopped me for….. He was like othing. So I was like we just gone sit here lookin at achother breathin. I was like well fuck it Im a go head on. So I walk off and he pulls off. I get like two blocks up and here comes this fool again. He gone pull up and hand me a dum-dum. So I was like so whatz up. He was like where you stay and shit. He was like well I got a room at da Ramada you should come chill with me for a while. I was like aight. So we go to do room we sittin on da bed chilin. He gone say man u too quiet. I said shit you aint sayin shit either. So he hit me on my arm or something. So I stood up and we was hittin each other. So I pushed him down on da bed and pulled his pants down and pulled his dick out and started suckin on it. He was like damn. I was like dat stopped ur azz. I was suckin on him for a while he was like damn u tryin to get all dat out of there. Im like yea datz what ur supposed to do. He was like I bet u wont sit on it. I was like how u figure I want to like oh I wont gone let u anyway. I was like yea whateva. So I got on top of his dick and started ridin him he was like damn itz so warm. I started laughin. Im like what itz supposed to be cold. I was like manu talkin to much. So I rode him til he was out to cum then I jumpedoff and sucked da nuto ut of his dick. I got up washed up put my clothes on and left. Dat ended my tyme at da Ramada.

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