Well got me a quickie dis afternoon. Over my boy house sittin on da front porch talkin and shit. He was like I wanna fuck u gone give me some. I just looked at him and started smilin. He was like I wanna do it right here on da porch u scared. I said shit u crazy. I said well pull it out then. He was like u aint gone do it. So I got up and walked over to him and pulled his dick out and started suckin it. He was like damn. He was like let me hit it from da back so I bent over and let him hit it from da back for a few. Then he sat down in da recliner and I turned around with my back facin him and pulled my skirt up and sat on his dick and started movin my hipz around in a circle ridin dat dick to he came. He was all loud with it I was like shut up people startin to look over here. LOL

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