Don’t Be A Bitch

I hate when dudes show the bitch in them. Had a dude hit me up this morning on twitter cause I guess he wanted to get up. He was like im in VA trying to see you or whateva. So I’m like are you in Richmond. He was like he was in sterling VA for work. I’m like so I’m in Richmond. He then goes on to ask me if I know where some street is. Im like what. You not understanding that I’m not coming to Sterling to suck your lil dick man. So he gets mad and wants to call me a fat bitch and shit. I just laughed. Shows you don’t get no ass. I’m not driving 2 hours to suck nobody damn dick unless you paying. For my gas,my time and a damn room. I’m not pressed to suck your dick. Your pressed for me to suck your lil dick. So with that being said if your not in Richmond VA I ain’t coming to suck your dick unless you’re paying. Not hard to understand. Thank you and have a nice day.

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