Now for those of yall who are tru readers of my blogz then u might remembr the one I wrote titled Does Gin Make U Sin (if not please check it out) when I talked about my neighbor coming over here fucked up and that next time she came over here like that dat I was goen get her ass on cam. Well last night was the night. I was headed to the store to get me some beers and I saw her sittin outside she was fucked up. So she walked with me to the store and then we cam back to the house and smoked a blunt and drank some more. Well she knows that im on cam daily so she new when she walked in the house she was one cam cause I have the cams up in my live house on rude.com for those of u that don’t know. But anyway so I was like so u gone get naked or some shit she was like dont play with me cause u know I will. So I was like come on. She said she had to go to the bathroom first im like aight. So anyway while she was in the bathroom and I started a live show on rude so people could see her on cam. So I started the show we was talkin shit and stuff then next thing u know im eatin her pussy on the couch while the people on rude was watchin. Itz really not much to tell itz something u had to see. So lucky for yall I taped some of it. But u gott go too…. http://www.Rude.com/v/s0Is5Oz28mg to see it cause that’s the only place I have it uploaded at da moment. If u missed the live cam action u missed out though…sorry. But here is the link to my live house…. http://www.Rude.com/lh/Ea1dw7Fp0YF cum holla at ur girl.

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