Whatz up yall got some shit I need to get off my chest tonight. What is it with some dudes and fat chicks or bbw’s whateva u wanna call us. Y they feel it’s nasty or wrong to fuck a fat chick. Now I know that’s just not some peoples flavor and that’s cool and all. But u aint gotta shit bout oh I would never fuck a fat chick or whateva. Anyway the reason im on this subject is I met this dude here in Delaware that around where I stay alot and I new he aint like big girls cause he always had something smart to say out his mouth bout me whenever he saw me. Wanna call me names and shit but I be like whateva I say thankz and keep it movin. But anyway so Ive gave a few niggaz he know some head since I have been here right so he done heard bout da head game and he kept tryin to get me to give him head and shit. But he just aint want nobody to know. So tonight I decided I would go ahead and break the fool off to shut him da fuck up. So that’s what I did. We went back to da spot and he sat on the sofa pulled his dick talkin bout u know what u doing. I said yea I know what da fuck im doing just pull ur dick out. He was like well no girl has ever made me cum from head. I was like ok and well some dudes just don’t come from head. So I started suckin on his dick and he was sittin there he was like got damn. He was likin dat shit so I was like I got put in work on this one cause he been talkin shit. So I spit on his dick got it all nice and wett and was suckin the hell out of his dick. He in there moanin and shit like a bitch. Then he was like can big girls do all the things skinny girls do. I said what da fuck can skinny girls do. He aint say shit. I said well I don’t know what nobody else can do but I know what da fuck I can do. So he was like well take ur pants off. So I took my pants off and he pulled the condom out talkin put it on for me. I said naw u put it on u the one who tryin to get the pussy. So he put the condom on and I turned around and sat on his dick and rode him from da back for a few. I was like im tired. I just wont feelin his ass. So I got up off da dick. I was like u can hit it from da back. So I bent over on the sofa and he was like u gotta put it in Im like what he said u gotta put da dick. Im like oh u want it to be like u aint fuck da fat chick she fucked u cause she put da dick in here. Im like u stupid. I said whateva so I put the dick in and started throwin dat azz back on his ass he lick got damn. He was likin dat shit. I said yea u like dis fat bitch pussy don’t u. He said yea then next thing I know he nutted. I was laughing. I said how u feel now u just fucked a fat bitch. I put my clothes on and went to the door. He was like don’t tell nobody this just between us right. Im like yea whateva and walked out the door. So…shhhhhhh Don’t tell nobody else…..LOL