Friend With Benefits

Looking for a dude I can get up with and get my freak on with and fuck bitches. Or a female that’s down for the same. I miss the day when I could get up with a dude and he be like I got a bitch for is I’m about to come get you. Those were the good ol days. LOL. I had one guy whe I used to live in Charlotte NC. Man he was cool as shit. We would get up and fuck alone sometimes to. But most times he had a bitch we could get down with together. I miss that shit. Then I had one dude when I lived in Houston Texas. He was cool as fuck to. We would go to swingers parties the stip club. Hell we even went to the sex toy shop and they had video rooms in the back. And we would get it in back there too. Man I miss that shit. That shit gave me life. Man Giva is dying to get out and have some fucking fun. Who can help me with that?

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