Friends  With Benefits 

I need a boyfriend who’s gonna be cool with me having a girlfriend or a girlfriend who is cool with me having a boyfriend.  I need the best of both worlds man.  I’m  not looking to be tied down to just one motherfucka for life.  That shits just not for me.  So if your not OK with that there is no need to try and have a relationship  with me.  Not saying that I’m looking for one right now though.  Really right now I just want a bunch a fuck buddies.  I just want someone  to get a nut off with and make some damn money.  That’s not much to fucking ask now is it? But until then I’ll  be cool with some new toys.  So of you would like to donate to my toy fund then hit me up.  LOL.  Cause all  I want for Christmas  is A Bag of dicks (LOL) & cash. 

Google Wallet ($10)$mzgiva 

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