Good Day

Well today was a good day. I got me some much needed dick today. Felt like the old  me. LOL. Crazy thing is I think my days are better with dick in my life. Crazy right. Not really. I’m used to sucking and fucking everyday so without guess shit don’t seem right. Stresses me. But anyway about today I was able to get up with two of my favorite dicks. That made for a good day. Wonder if I get the two of them together would that make an even better day. LOL. But anyway. So I went to see dick #1. We had some fun. He was balls deep in the pussy. I luv dat shit. Nothing like the feeling of his balls hitting my ass while he’s fucking me. My pussy luv that shit. Makes me squirt. I don’t know what it is about him but I luv sucking his dick. I don’t know if it’s his dick or just the fact that he makes me feel like he loves dat shit. I think it’s both. I love the feel of his dick in my throat.  Whatever it is makes my pussy wet as fuck. I love to suck his dick till that bitch gets rock hard then I like to slide my wet pussy on top of that bitch. Feels so fucking good. I have to go slow though cause my pussy luvs that dick and I could come quick as fuck just cause I’m so damn excited. Anyway I luv to ride him till I feel like I’m about to cum then I have to stop cause I don’t wanna cum so fast. I want this shit to last a minute. I luv to jump of then start sucking my pussy juices off his dick. Man I luv that shit. Damn I’m getting excited just thinking about this shit. I think what I loved the most today was when I was laying on my back with my legs in the hair and he was fucking me balls deep and he hit that spot and my pussy started squirting I could feel that shit running down that crack of my ass man I loved that shit. I just wanted him to spread my ass cheeks and slide a finger in while I was cumming. LOL Damn I was  horny fuck. Hell I’m horny just thinking about this shit. But he must have of read my mind cause while he was eating my pussy his slide a finger in my ass. I love that shit. I think next time I have to bring some toys with me. Anyway Dick #2 wasn’t all that fun today cause my time was short. He just got some head. I love sucking his dick too. I don’t why. I love fucking him too cause it’s usually fun ask fuck. It’s been a while since we fucked though. So gonna have to get him to come back real soon. But here are a couple pics Dick # 2 sent  me.

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