Well yesterday was a boring day for the most part. Dude hit me up online from Bmore sayin he was tryin to get up. So I was like aight. Anyway it took him a minutes to get here. So we went to the hotel and shit. It was me him and his boy. We in da room chillin and whateva smokin an shit. So we can skip all that and just get to the fuckin. lol Well u know me im in the room with two dudes Im the type that’s gonna pretty much look out for both of em. I think dude was a lil shy though. But anyway I started off by givin dude some head and his boy was sittin in da chair and shit. Me Im wondering y he still sittin down. But I aint say shit I just kept doing me. So after I gave dude some head for a minute his boy came and layed on the bed. So im sittin there just lookin at him cause I know he want but he was just to scared to ask. So he finally was like can I get some head. I was like shit I was waitin on u. Hell im like pull ur dick out. U know me im down to suck some dick. Now im a be real last night I wont all in no freaky ass mood I was sober. Aint have no liquor in me so I wont actin silly like I usually do but it was still cool. Well it’s not really to much else to say bout this might. just that there was a lot of dick suckin going on and a lil fuckin. Wont all that good it was aight. Would say the part I liked da most when dude fucked me from da back in da chair dat was cool. And just da dick suckin they both had some nice dicks. But anyway that’s all I have to say bout that. Maybe I get into something more excitin tonight or this weekend.

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