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Keep Your Dick Pics To Yourself

Fellas please please please stop sending me fucking dicks pics. I don’t wanna see that shit man. That’s not a turn on that’s a fucking turn off. You fucking shit up for yourself. I mean I like to keep it 100. If I accept your friend request 6 out 10 times it’s because I seen your pic and I’m like yea he could get it. But then you go and fuck it up by sending me a damn dick pic. Then get mad when I ignore your messages. That’s why I stick straight to the business. If you not talking money you can keep it moving.

Now it’s gonna be a few people who read this blog and be like fuck you you fat bitch don’t nobody wanna see your fat ass anyway. LOL or something along that nature. That show you that they are the mains one sending them damn dick pics. I’m not messaging you sending pussy picks. I just post what I feel. Maybe someone will enjoy maybe they wont. Who gives a fuck. I’m just doing me.

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