Much needed release

It’s been a minute since Ive wrote a blog. My sex life has been pretty boring lately so I havent had shit to write about.Some of my regular dick has started to get boring to me.I need some new dick in my life. But anyway last night was aight. I got a much needed release. I was chilling with a friend smoke and drinking so you know I was horny as fuck. Anyway I was so horny I nutted while sucking his dick. I don’t know if it was from the feel of his dick in my throat or when he started chocking me but I came all over myself and I loved it. I think it was the chocking. Ive been liking that shit more and more lately. Anyway so he decided to lay down in the bed and Im just like yeah Im a really nut all over thia dick now. Lol. I waited until he fell asleep. Then I started messing with him. First I took his hand a placed it between my legs then I just started sticking his fingers in and out my pussy till I was nice and wet. Then I pushed him on to his back and started sucking on his dick. Next thing I know my ass is up in the air and he’s fingering my pussy while I shove his dick down my throat. Naw my pussy dripping wet. I just had to sit on that dick. Lol. o swear soon as I felt that dick in my pussy I started cumming. I couldn’t help it. Im on top riding him and I just cant stop cumming.Im riding him then he reaches out and grabs my throat and starts chocking my and calling me a nasty bitch and I just squirted all over his dick. I loved that shit. I squirted a fucking river on his shit. By the time I finished I had soaked up his tshirt and my fucking bed. He loved that shit and so did I.

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