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I don’t know what’s up with dudes wanting to get in my damn asshole so bad.. Now don’t get me wrong I luv that shit. But when you seems as though your more worried about getting into my ass then my pussy that shit kinda makes me wonder. And then it turns me off and make me get uneasy then it makes it harder for you to get in there. I mean damn if you wanna get in my ass don’t seem so damn excited about that shit. Keep it to yourself. Hell make it a surprise. Cause shit once you shove the dick in my ass I’m pretty sure I won’t tell you to stop. Most likely. I mean if we fucking and you done suck like 2 to 4 fingers in there then you should be able to just slide your dick up in there cause you done got the ass loose. I mean damn just shove it up in there don’t tell me your about to cause then I’m gone be trying to stop you. LOL I’m telling y’all to much. Now everybody gonna be trying to stick there dick in my damn ass. Naw but for real though if you trying to get in my ass the nest way to go about it his when you fucking me from the back and you done already stuck bout 3 or 4 fingers in my ass. Just go ahead and hold me down and shove that dick on in there. Or better yet just spit on my ass crack and slide that shit on in.LOL. Y’all excuse me I just finished fucking and this is something I had to get off my chest. I’ll tell y’all about that in the next blog. Anyway let me end this one be asking for some feed back. Can someone please tell me why some dudes like fucking bitches in the ass so damn bad, Or why they enjoy that shit. I just wanna know. I mean I know why I luv it. But I’ll tell y’all about that after I get some feed back on this shit.

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