My First Squirt

So I’m online looking at videos of bitches squirting and shit and it made me think. When was my first time squirting. And that shit came to me it was years ago when I was in Durham NC and it was my baby daddy. I remember that shit because I was living in Richmond VA and my homegirl and I rode to Durham on night to meet up with his ass and his homeboy. But anyway I remember we was fucking in this abandoned house that we use to fuck in alot. Anyway we was in the back room and he was hitting it from the back and I remember feeling I guess you can say like a gush come out my pussy and I’m was like damn. LOL it was funny cause it through him off a little to. All I remember is when we were done he had to take his wife beater off cause I had wet that shit the fuck up. LOL. He couldn’t go home to his baby momma like that.

Now the second time I can remember squirting is when I first came back to Richmond maybe a a little over a year after I moved back to Richmond. I ended up getting in contact with this dude I had fucked years ago but I really didn’t remember his ass. But anyway I remember he came through one night and we was fucking he had me on the edge of the bed with my legs and up was fuckin me and the next thing I know I’m squirting and I swear that shit hit the ceiling. And ever since then I had been chasing that feeling since.


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