Man ran into dis trick da other night he must of thought I was stupid or something cause da fool tried to pay me with my own money. Let me tll u what happened. Now he saw me walkin down da street and was like whatz up or whateva. I was like what u want. He was like im tryin to get some head. I was like ok. Cause hell I was bored and I was tryin to fuck or something. So we go and park da car right. So he started feelin on my titties and shit. I hadn’t said anything bout my money yet cause I really wont worried bout it I just wanted to suck some dick and fuck. So I started suckin on his dick right he was like well damn. Then he said oh yea here go ur money right. I looked at him and started laughin right. I was like my nigga datz da money I had in my titty. How u gone try and pay me with my own damn money. LOL I said see u fucked urself up cause I wont even worried bout da money but since u tried to play me now itz gone cost ya.

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