Today was boring as hell for da most part. Was hot as hell as usual so I stayed in da house for da most part. But once da sun started to go down I brought my fat ass outside. I needed a damn beer. Anyway so one of my neighbors had a lil cookout at da house. So I went over there cause it was mainly a bunch of dudes over there. Anyway we was out back chillin and dis nigga kept talkin shit right. Well let me give u some info on this dude. Now my girl had a B-Day party bout a month ago and he was there. Now I don’t really remember much from da party cause I was drunk as fuck. But da day after da party they tell me that dude was talkin shit while we were in the kitchen takin shotz and I pulles his dick out and started to give him head in the middle of da kitchen floor. Now the fucked up part is they say his dick was so small theat when I went to reach for it I couldn’t reach it and I tipped over. I was like well damn. I had already figured dude had a lil dick cause he was alwayz talkin bout dat shit. But he got lucky dat night cause I was drunk and I don’t like shit talkers. Anyway like I said dude was talkin shit at da cook out bout me suckin his dick at da party. He was like yea Giva tried to give me head but my dick was to big for her and all dis shit. I was like nigga u need to stop lyin. I was like yea they said I gave u head but ur dick was to small dat I tipped over tryin to get to it. I was like so u need to stop lyin cause I aint shamed of shit I do. But u aint gone sit here and lie. Well dis nigga kept talkin shit and I don’t know what happened but da next thing I know I slapped da shit out of dis dude. Everybody was like DAMN. Dude was real mad then. But I guess I can say I got lucky cause he aint hit me back. LOL Any other nigga would have knocked da shit out of me. Datz what I had expected. I wouldn’t have been mad cause I hit his ass first. But datz da end of how I lost my temper. Hell da bad thing about da shit after I smacked dude I went up da street and gave some nigga some head. LOL

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