My Worth

I hate when a motherfucker calls me and tries to tell me what price there gonna GIVE me for my fucking time. Like I called and asked them for shit. Shit you called me I ain’t call you. So what makes you think you can throw out a price and I’m just supposed to go along with the bullshit. Shit funny to me. What y’all fail to realize is for the most part I don’t do this shit for money. I do it because I enjoy it. But hell I was also taught that nothing in life is FREE. I do have a job. I work everyday. But that shit ain’t guaranteed. If I loose my job tomorrow can I call one of y’all to help a bitch out. Fuck no. I’m still on my own. So when you ask me what I charge and you don’t like my price then please keep it fucking moving. I’m not no fiend. Fucking and sucking ain’t all I do. I have many skills that can make me money. But one thing the pimp told me pussy always sells. So what you wont pay believe me another will. So your not hurting me. ZERO fucks are giving over here. I’m a still live regardless. Just some shit I needed to get off my chest. Take it how you want. I don’t give a fuck.

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