Man im not really one to call someone out by there name but last night dis bitch made me so mad. Now everybody was sittin outside on da block chillin drinkin and shit. This drunk ass bitch comes down da street drunk as fuck callin people ho’s and crackheadz and shit. So we tellin dis bitch to take her ass on up da street right. Well she comes out da yard like she going up da street right. Next thing I know dis nast bitch done pulled her pants down and started pissin right in front of us talkin bout my pussy don’t stink. I wanted to kick dat bitch dead in her ass. Now I know I get fucked up sometimes and piss outside but at leat I go around da side or back of da house damn. I aint gonna piss in da front of da house. Especially if da house is on a main street. Dis shit just pissed me off I had to write about it.