No Penetration

Sad when the best nut I’ve gotten so far this week is with no penetration. Crazy right. I came about 4or 5 times tonight just from sucking his dick. Pretty fun right. Lol. Probably cause I’m backed up and horny as fuck. But anyway yeah I was sucking dude dick last night and getting wet as fuck. Guess it was a combination of his dick in my throat and the excitement that had me nutting all over myself. I loved it. Especially when he had his hand around my throat and I was jerking his dick on my tits. Man I was cumming and he was gripping my throat tighter man I loved that shit. Shit like this I be wishing I catch on film but Shit just happens don’t be having time to film in the moment. I try to write about it before I forget though. I loved it when his dick was deep in my throat and I could feel the spit dripping down my chin to my tits. Man that Shit got me wet. What would have made that shit even better is when I was leaning back and he had his hand around my throat when I started cumming if he would have started playing with my pussy. Think I might have squirted everywhere. Then he would have had to take his dick out of my throat and shove it in my pussy while his hand was still around my throat. Man I think I would have squirted everywhere. Man getting excited just thinking about this shit. Let me take my ass to sleep. Lol. Hopefully I’ll have some more fun later. Oh yeah almost forgot the best part was when he shot that nut down my throat. I swallowed every damn drop.

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