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No Penetration

Man it’s not to often that I can get a good nut without penetration. Hell most times I don’t get a nut with penetration. But anyhow. Last night man my pussy got so wett the cum was dripping down to my asshole and I was loving it. Long story was chilling with big daddy smoking and drinking as usual. I’ve been holding out on the pussy cause when big daddy is mad the sex it much better. Anyhow so last night we were on the sofa and she started licking on my pussy and she was sucking on my clit and I just keep cumming and cumming and I could feel the cum dripping down to my asshole and that got me so excited that I put big daddy’s finger by my asshole and she slid it right in there. Shit felt so good. So now I got finger in my asshole and she’s finger my pussy and sucking on my clit shit felt so damn good. Haven’t had a good nut like that in a while. I think I miss that shit. LOL

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