Shit a minute for this dude would have been a plus. Dude just came through to holla at me round 1am. I was bored so I was like I’ll come outside and holla at u. So he came through we sittin in the car chillin smokin a blunt talkin bout sex and shit. So he started playin with my hair. Rubbin on my hair and he started pullin it and shit. I was like hold up u can’t be pullin on my hair like that unless we fuckin. ( I was enjoyin it though) So he gone pull my hair real tight pullin my head back and gone say suck my dick. So shit I just started smilin cause I was wonderin when he was gone ask. Cause I was high & horny ass hell. So I was like well pull ur dick out. He was like u serious. I said yea. So he lend the chair back and pull his dick out I got up on my knees and started suckin on his dick and the next thing I kow this fool is sayin “OH SHIT GIVA” and cummin in my mouth. I was like well got damn don’t even think it’s been 20 seconds this fool nuttin already. He was like damn I gotta marry u. I started laughin. I was like hell I aint even did shit. That wont shit. He was like damn I would hate to see what it’s like if it was something.

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