Passing  By Him

It’s hard as fuck going somewhere when your horny ass fuck and you know your gonna run into the person you love to fuck. Shit crazy.  I run into him but I can’t fuck right then and there but I wish I could.  I wish I could just grab him and push him against the wall or some shit and drop down on my knees and just start sucking his dick. Taking his dick deep in my throat. Oh how I would love that shit.  Pussy getting wet just thinking about that shit.  I would suck his dick until I feel my pussy juices dripping down my leg. Cause sucking his dick always gets me wet.  Man then I would just have to jump on top of the dick and ride it until I feel like I’m about to cum but then I’ll have to stop and jump off cause I’m not ready to cum yet.  Mmm I’m a have to jump off and  then slowly start licking my pussy juices of his dick. Mmmmm I know he would love that shit. Lol.  Then he would grab my tits and start sucking on my nipples while I stroke his dick. Damn I need to be fucked. Anyway after that I’m horny as fuck and now I need to feel that dick deep in my pussy.  So I’m a have to lay it on down so he can slide that hard dick deep into my pussy.  I love it when he gets balls deep into my pussy.  Shit feels so good and my pussy gets so wet that I can feel the wetness dripping to the crack of my ass.  Mmm I love for him to fuck me long and deep until my pussy starts to squirt all over his fucking dick.  DAMN I’m horny as fuck I gotta stop here before I nut on my damn self at this table.  Lol. Hopefully I get some help with this much needed release soon.

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