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Well aint been to much going on lately. Not much freakin going on sad to say. But im a make a change about that. But anyway I got up with this dude last night. So he came to pick me up and was like could he get some head in the car on the way to the hotel. Im like aight datz cool. Now my thing is I don’t mind givin u head while u drivin datz cool but I get into it once I start suckin dick so u can’t be like stop a car coming cause I don’t care. But this fool kept stopin me when cars rode by and shit. So I was like dis what we gone do when we get to a red light Im a suck ur dick till it turns green. LOL So we did that through a few lights then he was like man fuck dat shit and got on the highway. LOL Guess he got tired of the stopping and going. But any way once we get to the room go in get naked and shit. I mean no need to bullshit we already know what we going to the room for. So he layz on the bed and I start givin him head right so im suckin his dick and he like put dat dick down ur throat. Im lookin like dude I already got ur whole dick in my mouth. So shut up. But he kept sayin put da dick down ur throat so I started laughin right im like don’t get mad at me cause ur dick wont go down my throat. Dat shit aint long enough. Don’t be mad at me I can only work with what u have. So that was the end of dat shit cause he wont even worth fuckin I wouldn’t been able to feel the dick so y waste time. He got two nutz of da head so he good. So that ended our time for the night. Just a note for those who keep askin do I deepthroat. My answer to that question always is “I take as much as I can.”

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