Safe Space?

Motherfuckas kill me like meeting a bitch at a hotel you never met before is more dangerous then going to the hood. Shit it’s just as dangerous. Only difference is you might have a better chance of someone or cameras speaking up on your behalf if shit go wrong. Same thing if you go to a bitch house. You never know what your walking into and she doesn’t know what’s walking in on her. It’s a toss up really. You can do background checks and reference checks but it still really don’t mean shit. You taking a chance regardless. But some of y’all trip me out. You do all these questions about the location but none about the pussy. You want to be safe outside the pussy. But quick to run up in the pussy raw. You making sure where you going to get the pussy from is straight. But not if the pussy is. So you can go to a nice safe physical location. But run up on same bad pussy raw as fuck. But I was in a safe space. Lol Y’all motherfuckas funny.