Smoke & Chill For Real

When this man said chill and smoke I thought he ment smoke a blunt and fuck like the rest of these niggas do. But ah naw he really ment smoke and chill. I swear we was like 8 blunts in before we started fucking. But Shit I won’t turning down no free weed. But after a minute I’m like damn is we fucking or not. I didn’t expect to be here this long. Done fucked up my whole time frame. Lol. Anyway he was cool and Shit just talked alot. Which usually gets on my damn nerves but after spending most of your time with a 6 year old going on 36. I need some type of adult conversation. But anyway so let get to the sex. Lol it won’t nothing real special. He dick won’t all that it was long and skinny. Lol guess that might be one of my types. But anyway it was long and skinny. Just the right size for my throat. Big enough to deepthroat without dying. Lol meaning an OK fit. But anyway I gave him a little head then he laid me on my back and slide that dick in. He put my legs up in the air and got balls deep and pussy just started squirting. I mean he ain’t do nothing special just got balls deep and slow stoked then pounded that just I squirted all over that hotel bed and him. Lol I don’t know if the dick was really good or if I was just still excited and horny from the dick I got earlier. Lol. I don’t tell y’all all the dicks I get some shit I keep to myself. Lol. So I won’t be able to tell you if this was good dick or he got lucky until we fuck again. So I guess stay tuned to see.

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