Stop wasting my DAMN time

I hate for my time to be wasted. We all grown. Well supposed to be. This why I haven’t been taking on new people and why I don’t like to answer my damn phone most the time. Don’t hit me up for an Outcall and bullshit when I get there. Give me my damn money. I’m not getting naked. I ain’t sucking no dick. Till I get my damn money. I don’t know you man. If you took the time to hit me up that means you have seen my work or read my blogs. So you should know how I get down. I’m one of the realest Bitches you’ll get. I ain’t got time for this shit. You trying to get a nut and I’m trying to get this money. So stop playing. If you don’t like what you see when I get there or you get to me just be real. My feelings won’t be hurt. I ain’t got none when it comes to that. Just want my money. Had to get that off my chest dude just pissed me off.