I’m not a camera whore or a selfie whore I hate taking pics and I don’t like doing Cam shows and Shit. Hell for the most part I really don’t even wanna talk to y’all. I just wanna suck and sometimes fuck and get paid. What the fuck we talking for . We will never be friends. It’s just business. I don’t understand why y’all can’t understand this. I don’t don’t do tricks. I don’t do parties. I just suck and fuck and keep it moving. Stop trying to get to know me. It’s a waste of time. Faking like you wanna get to know me is not gonna get you no free ass or head. And if you do happen to get some free ass it’s because I wanted to fuck you anyway and I didn’t care. But you probably won’t get it more than once. Y’all have to excuse me I’m high and sexually and financially frustrated. LOL. Summer times is rough for me.

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