What Makes Me Smile

I hate when people ask what makes me smile. Cause they say I always have an evil look on my face they feel. Hell that’s my happy face. Don’t worry about how my face look. But if you must have an answer I’ll tell you. It’s MONEY and BIG BLACK DICK. LOL. I love it when a guy comes through with sweat pants or basketball shorts on and I can see his dick print through his clothes and his dick is hanging halfway down his thigh. Gets me wet. But what makes me smile is when he drops his pants and I see that dick hanging I just smile cause I know I’m about to have some dick in my throat. Lol. Y’all have to excuse me I’m having flashbacks over here. But what’s makes it even better is when vhe puts that money on the table. Lol. So now I got cash, big black dick in my throat and about to catch this nut. Lol

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