Now im not one to discriminate on nobody. Hell I fuck em all blind, cripple, and crazy I don’t give a fuck. You tryinto fuck me im down. I got hit up online on myspace by this dude tryin to holla at me. We exchanged a few messages and shit. He seemed like an cool dude. So he was like well I don’t know if u can tell or not from my pic but im in a wheelchair. I was like naw I couldn’t tell but itz cool I don’t have a problem with it. Shit u not da first dude ive met in a wheelchair. Him sayin he was in a wheelchair made me remember when I was stayin in B-more and I met a guy one night in a wheelchair. Well let me tell u how dat night started. Now dude I was stayin with had met this chick online or some shit and he went over her house to get some azz. He called me to come through to do a 3some and shit. Now my mind is a lil bad so I don’t remember all the details of dat shit. Have to tell yall bout dat once I holla at him to see if he remembers what went down. But I remember when we left her house we was tryinto caught a hack back to da crib and shit. Was takin too long so I was like fuck it hell Id walk cause we wont dat damn for to me. He wont tryin to walk so I left his ass. So I was walkin now I had on a skirt I think. Now when I wear a skirt I usually don’t wear underwear. (I think that’s why he aint want me walkin home) But I was walkin and this dude pulled up talkin bout where u headin. I tried to ignore his ass but he kept ridin beside me. I was like to da crib. He was like u need a ride. I was like yea but my brother with me (talkin bout dude) He was like well where he at. I said I left him down da street. He was like he be aight u should come home with me. I was like I don’t go no where for free. He was like I got u. So we headin to da crib and shit. We was talkin and he was like I don’t know if u noticed or not but im in a wheelchair. Im paralized from da waist down. My dilly ass hadn’t even noticed the wheelchair in da back. I was thinkin hell im already in da car so fuck it. So I was like datz cool. So we get to da crib I get naked and get in da bed and shit. He get in tryin to kiss on me and shit. Now he gone tell me to put my legs up. So he put his dick in tryin to fuck. Im thinkin how dis gone work u paralized from da waist down. But he tryin to fuck im layin there fakin like hell. Tryinto make him feel good. Then I was like lay down Im a get on top. So I got on top and rode him for a while. He nutted a few times. Then when I got bored I stopped cause he couldn’t really feel when he came. So that ended dat. My first tyme with someone in a wheelchair. So if u wanna get with Giva just remember don’t matter if u blind,criple, or crazy Im down. Cause ur money still GREEN. LOL Damn dat soundz cruel. But hell Im just being real.

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