Who’s The Man

Man just got up with dude and he made me feel like I was the man in the shit. I guess it was because he wasn’t aggressive enough for me. I like for the man to take charge. But anyway. So we sitting here drinking and smoking right. So after the blunt is gone I’m horny as fuck now, So I get up on the bed cause shit now I’m ready to fuck. But this fool sitting on the stool on his phone. Now normally I would feel some type of way but I already know this fool is a lil shy. So I’m like damn I’m that boring you gone just sit over there on your phone right. He was like naw or some shit. I was like well I’m a come over there and snatched that damn phone out your hand. Guess he thought I was joking or just to shy to do shit. So I go snatch the phone out his hand. Was like if you want it you gotta come get it. So he gets up and gets undressed and gets in the bed. So he laying there so I started rubbing on his back and shit. Cause he always like I just came from the gym and I’m a little sore and shit. So I started rubbing his shoulders and shit. Well if you know me that shit ain’t last to long. So me being me I started rubbing on the dick. Anyway so I’m rubbing on his dick and it’s getting hard he enjoying it. So me being the Giva I am I just had to get under the cover and start sucking on that dick. LOL. Anyway so I move the cover and keep sucking on that dick now my pussy getting extra wett cause he got a nice ol curved dick and I just wanna jump on top of that bitch. LOL. So I did. I got up on top of that dick and rode that dick till I came all over that motherfucka. Pussy was so fucking wett. Well that’s all I got for now. I’m high and still horny as fuck. Bout to go grab me something to eat and take my ass to sleep. Maybe I find some trouble to get into in the morning.