Why I Don’t Film

I’m tired of people hitting me up asking why I don’t film much anymore. So I’m a tell yall why. First of all I don’t really work well with others. Hell I really don’t like people. If you have seen any of my old shit then you would know I never really worked with any companies or anything. I do my own thing. These so called companies be wanting me to do videos with story lines and all this other bullshit and I’m not for it. My sex life don’t come with no damn script. It just is. I just do what I do. I’m raw no cut. It’s better that way. I hope to do some new videos soon. But it aint go have no damn scripts or story lines. Hell probably won’t even have a camera man. Just me my cams and whateva dick is around at the time. So with that being said. Another reason I haven’t done much filming lately is because the dudes that have been ok with me filming them lately ain’t worth it. They don’t last. Hell the video would be a minute or less. LOL Said to say. I’m a have to do a special video series. Called dick sucking shorts or some shit. For the minute men. Guess I’ll just call it “The Minute Men” a series dedicated to my quick shooter. LOL

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